PlayTable is a digital, interactive and multidisciplinary table to educate and entertain children 3 years old and older. It develops the cognitive and motor coordination abilities in addition to working on specific subjects, such as literacy, mathematics, science, art, and history, among others. The infrared technology is distinguished by being easy to use and it even is accessible to children with motor or psychological disabilities.


    This is possible because the games and applications are designed by teachers specialized in several areas along with a team of artists aligned with ludic education.


    Playtable's games and applications are based on curricular guidelines from the Brazilian Ministry of Education, for both childhood education and toddler education. In addition to the specific subjects, the applications develop logical reasoning, memorization, attention and patience, creativity, problem solving, languages exopfr ession and motor skills, leaving students more curious, observant, focused and committed.


    Playtable is accessible for everyone, including children with physical or mental disabilities. The screen, with infrared technology, recognizes the human touch as well as contact from plastic, metal, and felt objects, among others. The visual elements are easy to understand and all games have different levels of learning (easy, normal and advanced), accompanying and assisting the student's development.


    Playtable is fully prepared for environments with many children. It's resistant, sealed and insulated. It has a single power cable and a single on/off button, and can be operated directly by the children.


Learning through playing is more fun!

Playing is the most comprehensive educational process because it directly influences all fields of child development in a pleasant way for children, and it is a universal language.

Playtable, through ludic games and applications, develops logical thinking, memorization, attention and patience, creativity, problem solving, languages of expression and fine motor skills, as well as eyehand coordination. Also deals, in a specific manner, with Math subjects (operations), Portuguese (literacy), English, Science (Human body) and Arts.

As they play and interact with the games, students become more curious, observant, communicative, focused and committed.

Playtable is ideal for schools because it educates, and is even better for children because it entertains.

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Technology and fun for children’s corners and play areas!

With fun games, Playtable is ideal for children’s recreational activities as it provides purê moments of joy for children. They play and have fun leaving parents relaxed to enjoy your business. And even better, the games are educational! Children learn while they are playing.

Playtable is colorful, has a modern design, rounded corners and blends with any environment, as well as being safe and resistant.

Make your children’s corner more technological and fun with Playtable.

Fun for who uses it. Ideal for your business.

Fun colors!

Choose the color that best matches your classroom or your environment. Try the color simulator!

Choose the color of the top

Choose the color of the bottom

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